Applied Cash Flow Review – Should You Join?

applied cash flow review

Name: Applied Cash Flow
Owner: Brian Hazel
Price: $97

Recommended? No.

Applied Cash Flow Review

Applied Cash Flow, by Brian Hazel, is a system filled with fake testimonies, very basic training at best, and in my belief it WON’T provide a “huge reliable daily income” as shared on the website.

If this system is so reliable, then why the need for fake testimonies?

“Meet Our Top Affiliates”

As far as I can see, the only people who are vouching for this system were paid in advance to do so. Here’s an example of what I mean:

It appears that the people giving testimonies to prove the legitimacy of this system and to show us that it works, were each paid to do so.

The only time these “top affiliates” were paid using this system was after submitting their phony testimonies over to the owner of Applied Cash Flow.

If you were to head over to, you will notice a ‘Testimonies’ section where people can spend as low as $5 to get someone to vouch for their product or service.

Here’s one more example where Applied Cash Flow paying others in an attempt to give credit to their questionable system:

applied cash flow review

applied cash flow review

Not Impressed With The Training

I decided not to purchase the Applied Cash Flow system for many reasons, one being the phony product testimonies, the other being the training.

I was able to come by what looks to be the training for this system through – Youtube. See here for yourself. Here’s an image where you will notice some Applied Cash Flow training along with other videos:

applied cash flow review

Though I am unsure what is all inside of the Applied Cash Flow when one purchases it, this appears to be some of the training being used inside.

If this is the case, the training here is very unstructured, hastily thrown together, and very basic at best. Not to mention you will encounter in these outdated videos, slideshows and different people giving instructions as you are making your way through this training.

This makes me believe that Brian scrambled these lessons up (from older videos) from around the internet, threw them together as a series, and named it Applied Cash Flow promising people they can earn up to $250-500 on autopilot daily… It’s very unusual to encounter a different voice in almost each of the videos and not one person conducting the training.

Here’s Brian, the owner, explaining how this system works:

I am just as confused as you…..

There’s not any mention of how you will be obtaining these ‘subscribers’, just that you can get tons of them and tons of ‘leads’. Getting traffic and “leads” to your website is not an extremely difficult thing to do.

Getting targeted traffic to your website (or business), and providing a positive, helpful service to those visitors would be a better approach to doing business online or offline, of course. Any decent training would teach you that.

Pros And Cons

Pros – There are no pros.


  • The training is not original. The videos being used to train YOU, are videos which seem to be old videos gathered around the internet and then formed into what’s being called ACF.
  • You aren’t receiving any fresh or reliable information here to help you build a reliable income.
  • The fake testimonies
  • You can tune into the below par training for free on Youtube.

Usually when people tell you that their system will “create $250-500 daily on autopilot” or that their system is a “done for you” system – it usually turns out to be a scam or a really low end product.

Is Applied Cash Flow A Scam

Though Applied Cash Flow has some form of training it is not very good and I absolutely hate the fact that the videos being used in the training are not original. These preexisting videos were pretty much gathered around the web and sloppy thrown into ACF.

Could you make money using Applied Cash Flow? I’m sure you could. Your task would be getting others to join this below par system in order to profit. There’s much, much better training out there.

The bottom line is, based on the information shared in the review above, I do not recommend using Applied Cash Flow. You can get a sneak peek if not free access to their not-so-good system by visiting the Youtube page as shared above. The training is outdated and thrown together.

Interested in starting a real business from home? Want to find out what it really takes?

I suggest you join Wealthy Affiliate, create your free account, and become familiar with the platform there. The training is top notch, you will have personal help from other members (myself included), and all the tools you need to build a real business and eventually income, online. Get started with Wealthy Affiliate here.

As always, feel free to share your personal experiences using Applied Cash Flow in the comments below 🙂



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    Rhonda - 5 years ago

    Well Jason I hate to say this but I’m not sure who voted. This so called. 1 one. Must of been someone y’all actually paid for there work and not just bs them. I wil let everyone know. Y’all are liers. Thanks. God Bless

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Jason here, I gave it a one out of 10 which is a horrible rating. Obviously.

      Furthermore, I mention that I do not recommend using Applied Cash Flow and explain why in detail above.

      Have a great day.

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