APLGO – Legit Opportunity or MLM Scam

The health and wellness niche attracts many entrepreneurs each year, and with this, there are always new multi-level marketing companies popping up. For this reason, it can be hard to know which companies are legit and which are scams, but thankfully, that’s why we’re here! Today we’ll discuss a new company called APLGO, a network marketing company dealing in health and wellness products.


What is APLGO?

APLGO was launched in 2017 and specializes in health and wellness products. This company began as an eCommerce store called Ageo, but during this time, they didn’t offer the structure for network marketing compensation plans.


The company was started in Russia by Sergey Kulikov, who’s well-known in the network marketing world. APLGO announced the launch of a U.S. location in 2020, which is located in Florida.


Currently, Sergey serves as the president of APLGO, and aside from America, the company has also spread into regions such as Canada, Turkey, Romania, and Ukraine, with the highest traffic coming from Russia and the U.S. As of 2020, APLGO’s annual revenue was around $125 million.


What’s Required For Joining APLGO?

The process to sign up for APLGO is relatively simple, but beware that new users do have to spend a fair amount of money to get started. First, they charge a $25 membership fee that must be paid in order to get a basic affiliate membership. Then, the next step is choosing your package of products. The packages start as low as $100 and go all the way up to $3,000, so the amount you spend to get started is somewhere between $125 and $3,025. These packages are not mandatory, so AplGo has one of the lowest starting fees for other MLM companies. However the earning potential for smaller packages is limited, so APLGO encourages users to invest as much as possible to get started.

APLGO Features

APLGO claims to offer many features and benefits to investors, which include:

Excellent Source of Revenue

APLGO features a wide variety of products in their catalog, which are used to attract users and encourage them to join the company. However, because APGLO’s main focus is on the MLM side of the business as without its affiliate members, the company could not operate. Hence, APLGO’s revenue is dependent upon the affiliates rather than the sale of products.

Achieve Financial Freedom

The company claims they have every feature needed to help you achieve financial freedom. It promises to provide users with large profits, but beware because there isn’t much proof that APLGO can actually help you earn such profits and thus, achieve financial freedom.

Nutritious Product and innovative technology

AplGo¬†Acumullit SA technology allows the beneficial properties of the whole food botanical ingredients be preserved and enhanced. According to Aplgo “Each Acumullit SA drop is a little torpedo, directed straight to your cells, that provides your body with much-needed nutrition and minerals.”

Backed by a Reliable Team

APLGO’s final major selling point is the team of highly experienced professionals, which is their way of saying, “You can trust us, go ahead and invest as much money as you can.”

However, the website is rather vague about the team and does not have a clear “About Us” page. These kinds of decisions may give potential affiliates the idea that APLGO wants to conceal the identities of those behind the company.


Key Takeaways

APLGO has done an excellent job of staying relevant by offering new bonuses and products to affiliates. However, when you examine the company closely, you realize that it really doesn’t offer anything new.


In the end, APLGO is very much like any other MLM company in that it makes huge promises to attract investors. However, in reality, the products are expensive, and the company is more focused on recruiting new affiliates than on actual retail sales. So, this is one financial opportunity that you will want to think long and hard about before jumping all in, as there are lots of other MLM companies out there that offer lower upfront investments and higher profit margins.








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