About Me

Welcome, I’m Jason

I am the founder of Extra Paycheck Online and created this website in an effort to guide people to safe places where they can learn about earning online.earn extra money from home

I come across many offers online and treat each one as a potential to develop another income stream on the internet.

I do my best to share my step by step experiences while visiting these potential opportunities, if they turn out to be false or a scam, I share them with you.

If they are legit, I definitely share them with you!

I have been in the position myself where I was in search of ways that I could make a little extra money from my laptop. That search has lead me to a place where I am now able to work from home full-time.

This wasn’t an automatic thing, first I had to make my way through countless scams online, you know those offers claiming you can make $10,000’s a month at the “push of a button”.

Obviously not true.

The truth is if you want to create real income and a lasting business online, it’s going to take hard work and effort on YOUR end. This rule applies for everyone.

Don’t get caught up in the hype that earning online is going to happen overnight when you are just getting started.

Put the work in now, and enjoy the benefits that working online provides soon after. The benefits? Well, I don’t have to set an alarm clock anymore, I work on MY own schedule, no boss/upper management, no more racing to and from work in order to avoid traffic.

My point is, work is less than 15 steps away, and I love it. Not to mention I won’t have to worry about missing any of my children’s events again. I’ve missed birthday’s in the past due to work, that’s just how it goes when you work for someone else.

But no more!

One common thing I have noticed during my online stay is that those who are the most successful are those who got started the right way, asked questions when they needed help, worked hard, and had a really fervent way of helping others.extra paycheck online

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I am just an average “dude” from southern California, enjoying life with my two daughters and beautiful girlfriend.

If you have any questions related to working online, where and how to get started, or anything related to online business, do not hesitate to contact me at anytime..

I will do my best to help 🙂

email: jason@extrapaycheckonline.com

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Make the Rest of your life, the Best of your life…!