7 Figure Profit Code Review – A Scam?

7 figure profit code review

7 Figure Profit Code Summary

Name: 7 Figure Profit Code
Website: www.sevenfigureprofitcode.com
Owner: Michael Grayson
Price: $97

Summary: I can sum up the 7 Figure Profit Code system in just one sentence.

Random screenshots of someone’s bank account, “staged” testimonies, and also, do not expect an explanation on how you will actually be earning money.

One major thing I like to look for when reviewing any system is – “do they offer a description of the type of work that is involved”?

This particular system fails to do so.

If you think that the 7 Figure Profit Code will put $1,000’s into your bank account for a small fee of $77, then you are in for a treat.

Recommended? No

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7 Figure Profit Code Review

I’ve been working from home for over 2 years now and have come across lots of great opportunities that actually teach people how to work from home.

On the contrary, there are a lot of places that will sell you the “dream” but fall short of helping people produce any real results.

Real online opportunities do not operate the way that the 7 Figure Profit Code does.

In fact, it’s the same old sales pitch that I’ve seen countless times.

Telling people in theory how much money they could make is a great way to get people excited about your product, but why not show people what you have to offer and what type of work they can expect before making a purchase.

My guess is that the 7 Figure Profit Code doesn’t have much to offer. Here’s why.

Buy Now!

You shouldn’t feel rushed to purchase something that you are likely just learning about for the first time.

Especially if you don’t fully understand what it is that you are buying, as explained above.

This kind of hurry up and buy approach being used by 7 Figure Profit is known as scarcity marketing.

Only, they are doing it all wrong.

You may have noticed how you are told that “After today, this video will be taken down forever”.

This is done to create a sense of urgency and to get people to make a quick decision so they don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Only you won’t miss out. The date that I visited this website was on September 25th, 2017.

I visited this same website and encountered the same thing a couple days prior. Yet, the video is still alive and well.

I’m almost positive that the day you saw while visiting the website differs from mine.

It’s safe to say that 7 Figure Profit Code is not going anywhere and it is not limited to just a few select people.

The video will be around for quite some time and is accessible to ANYONE who wishes to purchase it.

They will try to swindle as many people as possible.

Scarcity marketing should be used in a way that gets potential buyers to act but yet builds trust.

If a company is advertising a 3-day sale for a certain product, and come to find out a week later that it is still on sale, then people are less likely to feel the need to buy it anytime soon.

They will say to themselves “eh, I’ll catch it next week as it will still be on sale”.

Whereas if the company has a reputation that is known for ending the sale on the deadline, people are more likely to want to take advantage of the discounted product.

When it comes to 7 Figure Profit Code, there should be no rush to buy. The site isn’t coming down anytime soon.

Fake Testimonies

Some of the testimonies given on the website come from individuals claiming to have made over $4,000 in a week and some even over $1500 in a day.

Unfortunately, these claims are fiction.

Above, the image on the left comes from the 7 Figure Profit Code website featuring Megan, while the image on the right reveals who this person really is, Tamerak.

In the video “Megan” claims to have never made a dime online before using 7 Figure.

The truth is, Tamerak was hired to play Megan and given a script to read vouching for the 7 Figure product.

She is not making $1,000’s daily using 7 Figure. She was paid by the person(s) behind the product to say so.


Just as it was tough to find out any real information about this system, there wasn’t much to be found on the alleged owner “Michael Grayson”.

The image used of Michael when he introduces himself during the video is highly unlikely to be him.

This image is also something that was bought and paid for.

All of these things being used were done so with one thing in mind – to get you to buy.

Other Things To Be Aware Of

A lot of people fall for such tactics and end up investing a lot of money and time into programs based on the belief it will benefit them.

When looking for ways to help you earn online, avoid websites promising to make you tons of money with minimal work.

Terms like “it will only take 15 minutes a day” and “your website is already built for you and is making money” should be avoided.

Also be wary of “coaching calls”. These are usually people who like to get an idea of your personal information and income so that they can get an idea of how much more money they can squeeze out of you.

They are only there to upsell you.

Lastly, the Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, and Refund buttons located at the bottom of the 7 Figure Profit code were all not working at the time of this review.

If I can’t get a hold of support now or more information on the refund policy, who knows what’s waiting for me on the other side after spending $97.

Is 7 figure Profit Code A Scam?

0/ 0
7 Figure Profit Code - Overall Rating

Due to the numerous red flags found while reviewing this system, we DO NOT recommend the 7 Figure Profit Code.

You are free to purchase any products of your choosing.

I will add, you would be far better off by joining our #1 recommendation which could help you learn how to generate revenue online month after month, as it did and still does for me.

Questions regarding the 7 Figure Profit Code? Leave them in the comments section below.

If you’ve had any experience using this system, we’d love to hear from you as well 🙂


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