3K Payday System Review – Is It A Scam?

3k payday system review

3K Payday System Quick Review

Name: 3K Payday System
Website: www.3kpayday.com
Owner: Julie McDaniels
Price: $1 to get started

Summary: 3k Payday System is yet another product that I have come by which has one purpose and one purpose only, to funnel it’s visitors to a product known as Digital Altitude.

Digital Altitude, an MLM business, has many products. The FIRST one being sold to you is “Digital Altitude – Aspire” which costs $1 for a 14 day trial and then $37 per month.

Here’s where they get you, in order to fully participate with this program, you could be spending up to $20,000+ dollars…

Recommended: Not Recommended

3K Payday System Review

My issue with the 3K Payday System is that it doesn’t exist…

That’s because 3k Payday is ONLY a funnel to Digital Altitude’s introductory and more affordable product known as ‘Aspire’.

Within the website they imply that you are purchasing just that, the 3K Payday System. But you’re not!

They even go as far as providing “testimonies” for their system, which I have a hard time believing, on the website:

3k payday system review

3k payday system review

How do you provide a positive testimony or testimony at all for a product that doesn’t exist?

Just so you know that I am not pulling all of this out of my a**, I got in touch with the owner Julie McDaniels and got a reply from a guy named Steve in return. He confirmed this:

3k payday system reviewSpeculation: Julie McDaniels may be a pen name that this Steve is using to push Digital Altitude.

What Is Digital Altitude

My issue with Digital Altitude is that none of the people “promoting” this product are ever upfront about what it is your buying, not in my experience at least.

A prime example of this would be 3K Payday or even another review I did on Copycat Millions which did the same thing, “secretly” lead people into buying Aspire.

Digital Altitude has many other products which range from $37 a month to a $19,997 one time fee. This tells a much different story than 3K Payday’s “Just One Dollar” pricing claims.

Here’s a look at the different Digital Altitude’s products:3k payday system review

  • Aspire – $37 or $67/month3k payday system review3k payday system reviewcopycat millions a scam
  • Base – $397 (one time payment)
  • Rise – $1,497 (one time payment)
  • Ascend – $6,997 (one time payment)
  • Peak – $11,997 (one time payment)
  • Apex – $19,997 (one time payment)

The more affordable Aspire and 14 day $1 trial, in my opinion, is simply to sucker you in. Then you will be told how great and necessary these other products are to your success.

The truth is, you don’t need to spend $1,000’s to start a legitimate online business.

Is It Worth It?

Only you can decide, I would recommend further looking into Digital Altitude which you can easily do with a quick search in Google.

I would never be interested in such a product therefore refuse to buy it.

When it comes to 3k Payday System and the other similar websites leading individuals to “Aspire”, I would be more satisfied if they were upfront from the beginning in what it is they are leading you to buy.

(OR anywhere in the sales page for that matter).

Is 3K Payday System A Scam?

The 3K PayDay System tells you that it “is an easy to follow, step-by-step program that can help anyone” and that you will “discover how to make thousands a day”…

We now know that this is simply not true.

3K Payday System is a one page website that has one goal, to get you to buy Digital Altitude. This is an item that I know you don’t need in order to learn how to make money online.

I guess my biggest problem, aside from the extremely expensive products, is that it is almost apparent Digital Altitude is training their “members” how to create these one page websites which trick others into buying their products.

If this is the case, I recommend staying far away from such training.

It’s Never Too Late To Learn

People are far better off creating websites/business involving their passions or topics they enjoy – this is something that I have learned to do utilizing the best online learning center and community available, Wealthy Affiliate.

This is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate teaches, how to come up with a business topic regarding your passions, form it into a website, and eventually how to attract visitors to that website and monetize it.

Keep in mind starting a business is not a get-rich quick solution and will require effort on your part. Places like Wealthy Affiliate just make it much, much easier to do by providing step by step instructions and by offering a community filled with very knowledgeable individuals (when it comes to online business).

More importantly, you will learn to be honest and open with people regardless of which direction you choose for your business.

You don’t need to create some sleazy one page website that offers a non-existent system, in order to make money online.

If interested in starting a long-term business from home, you can learn more and get started here.

Feel free to share your experiences or questions regarding this system below and I will respond as soon as possible. I hope you enjoyed this 3K Payday System review 🙂



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    JUSTIN - 6 years ago

    I thought it was true when someone send it to me to check on, pls which online business do you know is real, pls let me know.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey Justin, the good news is that their are several real online business in which you can pursuit.

      Check out my Steps For Starting an Online Business page to get started in what is, in my opinion, the 6 best options for starting a business from home.

    Michael Stubbs
    Michael Stubbs - 5 years ago

    This is the scammers email address and website Strickly a scammer. Dont buy anything from these ass holes



    Julie McDaniels
    Owner: 3kPayday.com

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Lol, thanks for sharing Michael. this will definitely help others.

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